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Singapore : Tips

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1. Do Your Homework
Make sure that you know what the company does and its general background. Read the website and the latest annual report. Talk to friends or acquaintances that work there. This way you'll prove that you want the job.

2. Brag a Bit
The idea of a personal interview is to expand on your resume. Don't be afraid to highlight your education, job skills and success stories at previous employers. Mention any relevant managerial or technical experience, even if they are small ones.

3. Be Yourself
We all know that nerves can get the better of you, but try to be yourself and let your personality shine through. This is the best way to show your enthusiasm and sense of fun. Don't be afraid to refer to things outside of your professional career if they support your application.

4. Be Honest
Don't be afraid to explain what you didn't like about a former/current job, but be careful not to paint your former employer in a bad light.

5. Ask Questions
This is the time to ask questions about the company, positions, working environment, compensations policy and just about anything else that is on your mind.

6. Know Your Weaknesses
Make sure to take stock of your weaknesses before the interview. Practice discussing them in a positive light. It can look pretty arrogant if you say that you don't have any and, on the other hand, if you are self-degrading that can look like a confidence issue.

7. Know Your Goals
Prove that you have long-term vision by knowing what you want to do in five years. Companies are looking for determined people with extra drive that set their goals high.

8. Don't Focus on the Cash
We know that your compensation package is important, but you shouldn't make it the focus of the interview. We are interested in candidates who are driven by other values like personal challenges and job satisfaction.

9. Be Clear
Since job titles and positions vary from company to company make sure that you focus on your skills and explain what your job entitled.

10. Mind Your Manners
Smile, shake hands and dress appropriately. It is important to make a good impression. Employers like a candidate who will reflect the professionalism of the organization.

Top 10 Resume Rejection Reasons
1. Incompatible level of experience or type of education.
2. Did not meet basic job criteria (Languages, skills…).
3. Currently no available positions.
4. Salary requirements.
5. Sloppy or non-professional presentation.
6. Spelling errors!
7. Your mother sent it for you! (Don't laugh! This has happened!)
8. Obvious exaggeration.
9. Impractical location.
10. Lack of appropriate working papers.